What We Do

What we do and how you can help.

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PROBLEM: Over 90% of church leaders in the world have no formal training. Through this deficit, the global church is unequipped to finish the Great Commission.

SOLUTION: Joshua Nations utilizes a variety of methods and tools to equip and release leaders to fulfill their role in the Great Commission.

Joshua Nations exists to train and equip the next generation of church leaders, regardless of denomination

Our goal is to see men and women armed with a solid foundation based on the Word of God. It is these leaders who partner with God to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and free the captives in their own nations. Our vision is large, but our approach is simple. Utilizing Joshua Nations Bible Training Centers and our Church Multiplication training, we have seen regions and nations transformed.

We need help from partners all around the world, in prayer and support. It is because of our partners we are able to offer our two-year curriculum for free.

Every step of the way, God has always been faithful to provide what was needed – through the generosity of others and through miraculous provision. Our supporters are essential; we would not be able to operate without the generosity and tenacity of those who give, pray, and share the vision.

Our Ministries

Bible Training Centers, or BTCs, are the heartbeat of Joshua Nations. We have a two-year curriculum with the aim of empowering Christian leaders with biblical foundations. Our curriculum thas been translated into over 50 languages and counting. BTCs are entirely autonomous and offer discipleship training through biblical study and practical ministry experience.

We are committed to training church leaders to be effective and dynamic in church multiplication.  Our model is simple; reach their lost neighbors with the urgency of the Gospel and small, and conduct easily-led and reproducible church meetings. We also train churches to send teams into places where there are no established churches, and Christ has not been named.

Unreached and Unengaged People Groups, or UUPGs, are people who have never before heard the Gospel of Jesus. Also, there are no Christian workers actively trying to reach them. We know that every tribe and every nation will be represented around the Throne of God, so we have partnered with key Christian organizations to send indigenous missionaries to the most remote places of the world to engage and reach all remaining UUPGs.

We aim to raise up leaders that become the hands and feet of Christ within their community without external resources. However, there are times of extreme need due natural disasters, pandemics, and famines. This gives us opportunities to show God’s love in a tangible way by rescuing the most vulnerable. Opportunities are brought to our attention by local leaders and we prayerfully consider how to provide aid as the Holy Spirit directs.

We operate an online school that provides simple, practical teachings through video. These biblical principles are available as courses, and our course list is continuing to expand with new teachings and languages. Video is a powerful tool to learn in a memorable way, and we know that various mediums are needed for teaching effectively. These courses are available for anyone to enroll. Click below to find out more!

Prayer Movement

We know prayer works.

Prayer is a pivotal part in the daily walk of a believer. We are so thankful for the people who pray for our ministry. We know that the prayers of the saints are what has opened up new doors in nations for us to minister. 

We are raising up a prayer army.

Our goal is to raise up 1,000 or more prayer warriors who contend for the completion of the Great Commission. You can join us by signing up for a 30 minute prayer slot – this can be scheduled as one-time, or recurring on your selected schedule. Click below to sign up and become a watchman on the wall along with Joshua Nations.

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