1 Drive / 2 Nations

Matching Challenge of $30,000

The goal is high, but our aim is to impact 2 entire nations and the surrounding regions. With our matching challenge all donations make a huge impact.
$30 pays for an entire school
$100 pays for THREE schools plus 6 students!
$1.50 pays for a student!
$15.00 pays for TEN students!

Joshua Nations has been working for many years in the African continent. However, something has happened over the past eighteen months that has caused an incredible shift in the church. The Lord, by His Holy Spirit has been revealing to His bride the incredible need for discipleship training.  

Sub-saharan Africa has been diligent and effective in making converts. Yet few churches have been successful in making disciples!

A vision to transform the nation of Uganda was birthed in our friend Diane Brask of Global Seed Planters after attending the memorial service of Dr. Russ Frase. She worked diligently to raise the funds for vision casting and tiered training with leaders in Uganda. The vision was caught! Now with a national strategy in place, Uganda is ready to launch over 500 new Joshua Nations Bible Training Centers with an approximate 12,500 new students.

In Zambia, Joshua Nations is new and fresh. Through a relationship and network in the region including Rev. Wilhelm Bohmer Sr. and Rev. Emmanuel Shikaputo a recent training blitz in southern Zambia was like a cup of cool water to a a desperate and thirsty man. Pastors, leaders, and denominational directors attended over a week of training in multiple cities. Through this focused effort, just over 1,100 leaders were trained and equipped to start Joshua Nations Bible Training Centers.  Now, just like Uganda – Zambia is ready to launch with over 10,000 new students.

Help us resource these nations with the books necessary to see national transformation. We have never seen such hunger for discipleship training in all of the world!